Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cycling plans for 2005

I have built up a good 8 weeks of paid holiday, having been unable to completely use my allowance since I started working at UPC. Not enough is not enough! To avoid this happening this year I'm starting my holiday planning now, in the middle of January. As I've shaken the knee issues that plagued me the whole of 2003 and the first 1/4 of 2004 I'm going to cycle like a crazy man.

I want to take part in some audax events, these are long distance cycle rides in which one competes against oneself and oneself alone. They have distances starting at 200km and the longest of them are beyond a 1000km, all to be done with almost no sleep. I have my eyes set on a cyclosportif or two. These events are a bit like the one-day classics that the pros ride and I'm told that some pretty serious riders take part. All of this will build up to a holiday, if you can call it that, riding the Raid Pyrenean. In this event one has a little over 700km of Pyrenean cols to ride from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean. I just called to book a place, training starts now ...

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