Saturday, April 1, 2006

Near PinabaÅŸi

This morning the Giardia infection that I thought I'd conquered returned. You can look up the symptoms elsewhere.

The Sun came out & I got a better view of the mountains ahead & the now receeding Mount Erciyes. I felt a bit weak perhaps as a result of the Giardia & was constantly on the lookout for petrol stations to ensure that I'd avoid an embarrassing situation.

As the day progressed I felt worse & worse. Snow clad mountains were visible in the afternoon Sun but all I could think of was where I could stop for the day. As it was I managed to struggle through the afternoon. I didn't have much choice, there were no towns big enough to have a hotel or pension & the countryside was open & tree-less, not good for wild camping.

Eventually I found a spot & was ready for bed at 8pm. I hope the issue is from the Giardia parasite & the drug treatment I started deals with it.

I cycled 54km in 3 hours & 31 minutes

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