Sunday, April 2, 2006


I rose very late. Whatever it was that had stricken me the day before continued though I felt better. I didn't have any food for when I felt like eating again & when that would happen I'd have some catching up to do. At shortly after noon I packed up & set off.

Unfortunately it had rained all night & the dirt track I cycled down had become sticky mud. It was a nightmare to go the 200m to the main road. It was impossible to even push the bike, within a meter the space between the wheels & mudguard was jammed with mud. I had to carry the bike & gear in turns then 'de-mud' the wheels when I reached the main road. The mudguards were totally unsuitable for mud!

To make things even more challenging the weather turned nasty. Within a couple of kilometres the temperature had dropped to near 0 & the nice view of snowy mountains was a memory. The head wind was blowing sleet into my face. The only nice thing about it was that by having started so late I wouldn't have to endure it for long.

Knowing that the first hotel that I'd pass would likely be the last for many kilometres I stopped fairly soon in a small road junction town. That hot shower felt so good.

I cycled 19km in 1 hours & 29 minutes

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