Friday, May 19, 2006

Between Tabas & Deyhuk

I set off from Kharavan with high hopes, & against the opinions of the villagers, that I'd be able to pass the mountain range via the road on my map. Unfortunately they were right & the map was wrong, the road ended about 10km later. The villagers at the top of the road were sympathetic & gave me some freshly bread. I was glad to gone up the road even though I had to retrace my steps & certainly wouldn't have taken the road had I known where it stopped. The scenery was superb & the hospitality along the way was great to experience.

Back down in Tabas for the 3rd time in 3 days I augmented my larder & ate the watermelon that I carried up to Kharavan, no more than 300m from where I bought it.

There were 2 ways from Tabas to Mashhad & I picked the one that gave me a tail wind, with the range that I needed to pass on my left. I headed in the direction of Dehuk. I passed a number of patches of green desert oasis, including a couple of towns. Knowing that Dehuk was too far to aim for I hoped I'd find something like that at quitting time. I had to settle for a spot a km or so off the road in the desert though. At 1500m in altitude it was nice & fresh in the evening, 26° C. Which is pretty comfortable compared to a reading of 44° C I took just before noon, though this was certainly due to my watch being in the Sun. As I normally perform the shade function for it I think it was a fair indication of the temperature I was experiencing.

I cycled 121 km in 7 hours & 51 minutes
Total so far 5193 km in 71 days
GPS Coordinates of end point - N 33°18.349, E 57°22.905

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