Monday, May 8, 2006


At some time after midnight the bus stopped beside the highway. I was too dozy to take this anything but a good thing, an immobile bus was easier to sleep in. Unfortunately the bus had stopped because it had broken down. It wasn't fixable.
After an hour we were herded off the bus into the jet black night & over to other buses pointing back in the direction. It was explained that we would need to go back to Shiraz for new bus. After sitting around the terminal trying to both sleep & keep an eye on the other passengers for 3 hours an alternative bus was found that would arrive in Esfahan at midday, 6 hours after the other one should have. It wasn't all bad, as a result of the wait I got to meet & have a nice chat with a couple of Esfahan University students.

Eventually the bus arrived in Esfahan & I headed to the same hotel where I'd stayed previously & had stored my bike & bags. Feeling exhausted from 2 nights of little sleep & a full day of walking around Persopolis & Shiraz it wasn't a difficult decision to stay the night in Esfahan & leave the biking for the next day.

I didn't try to see any sites, instead just wandered & had a pleasant afternoon. I must have looked more relaxed than when in Esfahan before as people kept coming up to me for chats.

I cycled 0 km

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