Sunday, May 21, 2006

Near Bagestan

I must have picked up a stomach bug. In the morning when I arrived in Ferdows I went to get a sandwich. I could hardly stand the smell of the food frying in the shop.

I lingered in an Internet café in the morning rather too long & almost left it too late to buy food before the shops shut for lunch. Fortunately I was taken around on a motorcycle to find the things I needed by someone I got talking to on the street.

As the afternoon progressed I realised that I wasn't going far so headed uphill from Ferdows to a village based around a water course that came down from the mountains that I later planned to cross. I found a campsite on a grassy patch. Unfortunately I couldn't really enjoy the spot as the bug had nicely taken hold. I had to force myself to eat something & went to bed early worried about how long it would last.

I cycled 60 km in 4 hours & 52 minutes
Total so far 5370 km in 73 days
GPS Coordinates of end point - N 34°7.880, E 58°20.970

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