Thursday, May 11, 2006


Another totally clear desert morning dawned. The view was superb, the heat haze of the previous afternoon was absent & the jagged brown mountains were clearly visible. There was no sign of civilisation aside from our tents & the road.

Learning from the previous day's experience we broke camp laden down with spring water, I was carrying more than 5 litres. We needn't have taken so much as there were a number of places along the way that clearly, by the presence of agriculture, had access to spring water.

As the day progressed the water in my bottles became completely unrefreshing. In the evening at the hotel I poured out the contents of my water sack, its temperature was that bath water. Fortunately from time to time cold fresh water was available from machines. At one we were also given lunch, coincidentally by the owner of the quarry that we'd had lunch at the previous day.

We passed through an interesting town of Nadushan which I suppose must owe its size to a plentiful spring. It would have been great to explore a little. However we found ourselves running out of time to reach Yazd when we lost a full 45 minutes trying to explain, via a good English speaker, to a group of townsfolk that we wanted to take a particular road & that simply required them to point us to the beginning of it. They kept making drawings of other routes, finally admitting that didn't know the road. The whole thing became more & more frustrating as we repeated our question about the road only for it to be 're-interpreted'.

In the late afternoon we reached our objective, the desert city of Yazd.

I cycled 134 km in 7 hours & 10 minutes
Total so far 4584 km in 63 days

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