Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Near Jandar

I let myself sleep in until the unprecedented late hour of 7am. I didn't emerge from my tent until the time that I would normally be on the road. I needed the sleep & having less time to cycle was actually a good thing, allowing a little more recovery.

I still felt a bit off but was able to finish off the previous night's dinner & the fruit I'd saved for the morning. The shermal made progress slow but it seemed easier than the previous day.

I arrived in the village of Alat shortly before lunch & went to the first bank to change some money. A friendly crowd of people gathered around to observe the process. A long & relaxing lunch followed.

On departure from the village I met a trio of French cyclists who were heading to Bukhara & beyond. They were going faster than me but it felt nice to be with people again, with the bonus of practicing French. We stopped at a tea house in a small town about 50km South of Bukhara, ate dinner there & set up our tents in a courtyard behind it.

I cycled 58 km in 5 hours & 9 minutes
Total so far 6392 km in 89 days
GPS Coordinates of end point - N 39°39.088, E 64°4.601

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