Saturday, September 16, 2006


We are back cycling on a new road. It feels good to be back into 'discovery' mode, after the returning to Gilgit over the same road as we'd passed by bus. I felt a million times better this morning than I had for the last week.

We headed West from Gilgit up the Gilgit river. It was a little odd to go West after so many months of going East. This direction will last for a few days, until Chitral. I'd become used to having the Sun set behind me. I like the last light of day, for the next few days I'll need to look back to enjoy it.

The river valley was rather nice to ride up. There was a steady climb but it was never steep for long & was supported by a convenient tail wind. As with all the valleys that I've passed through in Pakistan its sides were steep & dry & the valley floor quite narrow. The little flat land available was used for cultivation. As with much of the Northern Areas corn was a popular crop.

We'd decided that we wanted to camp & passed up an opportunity to stop in the town of Gupis. This turned out to be a mistake as later we could find no suitable spots in the failing light. We ended out backtracking to a hotel that we had passed earlier.

I cycled 121 km in 7 hours & 53 minutes
Total so far 11125 km in 172 days

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