Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Karimabad was a good spot to have a rest day. It stood about 250m in altitude above the Hunza river valley. The friendly guesthouse in which I stayed had cheap rooms (50 Rupees, a little less than a dollar a night) with access to hot water. It had a nice garden with a view across the valley & to a series of 7000m peaks above.

As often happens on a rest day things took time to happen, before I knew it the morning was almost gone before leaving the guesthouse. About the only thing I managed to achieve in the morning was to go to the Internet cafe which I found was having problems with its connection & was unusably slow. In the afternoon I visited the famous Baltit fort above the village. Until the British arrived in the 19C Hunza had been one of a number of small states in the region. Karimabad had been its capital. It opted to join Pakistan at the partition in 1947 but remained semi-autonomous with the local king or Mir retaining ruling powers until 1974. The fort dated back 750 years & had been meticulously restored in the first part of the new millenium. It was lovely to tour around.

I cycled 0 km

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