Sunday, August 31, 2008


We finished putting together the tandem and baggage and headed off to see Bran castle. The centre of Bran village was given over to tourism, and despite the extremely tenuous link to Vlad Tepes, on whose character Dracula is said to be based, the souvenir shops were filled with Dracula merchandise.

Bran is quite high in the Bucegi mountains and our aim was North in much lower lands so we had a nice cruise downhill. We found nice minor roads to follow which while in the mountains followed tight little valleys on whose high slopes were farms with wonderfully picturesque haystacks. It would be a bit of an exaggeration to say we saw as many horses and carts as cars but the latter were quite common and the former uncommon enough to not be bothersome. We'd feared that the traffic would be bad but this proved to be unfounded, at least when off the highways.

We wild camped beside a lovely field a little past an old German village with a fortified church.

Distance 90km
Time cycling 4 hours 54 minutes
GPS position N 45°51.446" E 24°50.948"

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