Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bicaz Gorge

We did some climbing today, covering our second col of the trip. This one being 1256m in height. We had arrived in the Carpathian mountains! It was a lovely climb up a lightly trafficked road. Along the way we overtook two Slovak cyclists with considerably less luggage than we were carrying.

We passed by Lacu Rosu, a site that our Lonely Planet raved about but unfortunately left us rather cold. It was an odd place in the middle of the mountains but without the sense of clarity that ought to come at such a place, it was a sordid spot. What we found was an odd lake with a bunch of tree stumps sticking out of it, surrounded by rubbish and insensitive development, to add to this it seemed the sort of people who came were not the walker types. We left quickly after realising that there were no wild camping possibilities in the area. It was getting late when we arrived at the top of the Bicaz gorge which was gorgeous. Fortunately we quickly found a suitable wild camping spot down a side road that would leave us the greater part of the gorge to look at in the morning when we'd be more appreciative of the natural wonders around us.

Distance 84km
Time cycling 5 hours 48 minutes
GPS position N 46°48.393" 254480.423"

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