Friday, September 12, 2008


The train deposited us in Bucharest after a surprisingly good night's sleep. I put together the tandem and we set off into the traffic of an early Saturday morning to find our Gheo and Cosmi's place.

Here was the best reason for bringing along the GPS. It almost flawlessly navigated us through the streets of Bucharest to their place. It was almost fun, though later experiences of rush hour traffic in this city made me think that we had it rather easy.

Gheo and Cosmi were extremely welcoming. We had a wonderful time with them which started off with a great shower! After cleaning ourselves up we went for a walk around a lovely park beside their place and then were treated to a tour of the centre of Bucharest and out to dinner. One could see that the city had not done well under the previous regime. There were lovely buildings, particularly from the 19th and early 20th century, in great state as well as others that looked to be falling apart. In between them were such buildings horrible ones from the communist period. Of particular interest and some shame was the maze of cables that hung from lamp posts, some of them put there by my company!

Distance 12 km
Time ~1 hour
GPS position N 44°25.728" E 26°09.329"

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