Thursday, September 4, 2008


We awoke having not been spotted by either a bear or a park ranger and had a slightly chilly breakfast. The sun didn't reach into the deep gorge until after we left. Before heading off we took a stroll up the road that we'd camped beside and it gave us the idea to spend a day walking soon.

Fortunately the camping spot was near the top of the gorge so we were left with something to see of it in the morning and it was quite spectacular. The road switched back and forward with vertical tock walls climbing several hundred metres above.

We cruised into the town of Bicaz then followed the dammed lake. We'd decided later in the morning that we'd have a day off the bike at a point on the other side of the lake from Bicaz. We'd seen that there was a mountain road on the west side of the lake that would take us to where we wanted to go but thought the quality would be too bad and too steep. In the end the road we took around the east shore of the lake was twice as long and certainly every bit as difficult. The ups and downs seemed endless.

We struggled up to the centre of the village of Durau and stayed at the Casa Bella pension. It was a small friendly hotel with about 10 rooms. We paid 80 lei for a double (with a squeaky bed) with a shared bathroom without breakfast.

Distance 92km
Time cycling 6 hours 5 minutes
GPS position N 46°59.975" 225.554349

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