Friday, September 5, 2008


Today was designated as a rest day. We got up a bit later, had a nice breakfast, did some washing and went walking. I ought to say that we intended to have a rest day but it turned out to be much more energetic than restful.

The villages of Durau sat at about 700m in altitude. Towering above it was the Ceahlau massif with a peak of 1900m or so. We walked up to a plateau at a bit over 1700m, from which we had a great view of the previous day's journey around the lake. It was a great walk up the mountain range. On the way up we passed a sign warning of bears, though it would be hard to imagine that they'd be seen near such an area with so much human traffic, though maybe they'd be up for a bit of a snack! I was amazed at how much garbage people left up the mountain. It was quite disappointing.

We stayed again in the Casa Bella pension.

Distance 0km
GPS position N 46°59.975" 225.554349

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