Tuesday, September 9, 2008


No bears found our ridge top hiding spot, though rain on our tent roof and the occasional falling branch brought us out of our light nervous sleep. The rain had partially filled the pots and cups that I'd left out the previous night so we had a warm cup of sweet tea. We packed up and headed back the way we'd come.

After about 2 hours of struggling we arrived back at the road. What a relief that was. I briefly considered of suggest that we make another try to find the right road to Sucevita, but thought better of it.

Instead we back tracked and found another route, While this road was better than the one we'd found ourselves on the previous day it wasn't by much. At one point the road as a formal entity completely disappeared. It was clear where it went, though equally clear was that it wasn't an official one no matter. It was nothing more than a wide path, made very muddy by the rain of the previous night. So muddy that I had to use a screwdriver to dislodge the sticky mud from between the mudguards and wheels. The asfalt was a real pleasure to see when finally it arrived.

The road that we'd found ourselves on was the main road across the part of Northern Romania and passed just to the North of the mountains that we'd been stuck in. The effect of the flooding on the road was obvious. As the road ran parallel to the line of the mountains it went up and down over the foothills. At the bottom of every hill the road cross a little river or stream and there was fresh construction work on all of them. I guess the rain in summer must have taken them all out.

When we arrived at Sucevita it was such a relief to find that the place that we'd booked,Casa Felice, was absolutely lovely. Our room was ub a lovingly restored old building with the interior decorated in Romanian handcrafts. The room was once the kitchen of the place and had a big old wood burning stove dominating it. The owner of the pension uses it in the off season for making preserves. The price of the room, 20 Euros each, included a wonderful dinner and breakfast. After our fast the previous 24 hours the meals were especially appreciated.

Distance 91km
Time 9 hours 4 minutes
GPS N 47°46.767 E 25°43.349

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