Wednesday, March 11, 2009

North of Chiang Dao

Unfortunately the guesthouse didn't serve breakfast and we couldn't see anything around that might so we headed to our first destination of the day, the Chiang Dao cave. Arriving there was had rice and noodles, basically lunch/dinner for the price of 2 croissants in a European bakery.

The cave contained a series of buddhist temples and carved statues and was quite fascinating. A guide took us through the cave system which clearly had been shaped by water and through caverns pointing out racks that looked like elephants or fried eggs.

A little later the road rose and we had our first taste of climbing in the heat. It was quite tough going for only the second day on the road and after the day before in which we'd only just arrived as the Sun went down we decided to try and stop early. We were in between sights so were a bit worried that there'd be no guesthouses but lucked in with a motel on the highway which seemed almost empty and was quite reasonably priced (it was a pricey 10 Euros for a bungalow came a large bedroom and bathroom, even with airconditioning which we didn't really need).

We had plenty of time before dinner to have a nice shower, wash clothes and go for a walk through the Thai village that was beside the motel.

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