Sunday, December 18, 2011

Addis arrival

Our day of flying ended with its being deposited safely at the Taitu hotel in Addis Abeba. For a while it looked like Lufthansa had lost Anton's carrying backpack but it turned up on arrival.

Anton took the travelling so well. He got a bit frustrated about lack of opportunity to walk about on the plane.

Ethiopians are very friendly and absolutely love Anton. He gets loads of attention, which he likes.

Today we take it slow, perhaps go into town to see a museum. Nothing risky to Freddie's recovery.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Walk from Cuijk to Nijmegen

This past weekend we went on a two day walk from Cuijk to Nijmegen with an overnight in Groesbeek. We'd been on all-day walks with Anton before but this was the most ambitious. We took the train to Cuijk as early as we could manage on Saturday which got us there at 1pm then walked for the next 6 hours in very nice countryside, through rolling hills and forest. The weather treated us kindly. All along Anton watched things happily as the scenery was presented to him.

We'd booked a bed and breakfast for Saturday night in Groesbeek. The couple who ran the place were very sweet, especially with Anton. Were grandparents and often took care of grandchildren so had all the things necessary for dealing with a baby,which we certainly couldn't carry. The next day was even nicer than the first as we descended into the valley of the Waal and Nijmegen.