Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ilanz to Luzern

The Rhine was no longer this wide navigable rivet with flood protection running in a channel. It was white water. The banks went up steeply to high mountains.

I was disjointed with myself for not going on a little more the previous evening as I passed lots of nice looking hotels add I went up.

Soon I was climbing steadily and didn't really stop until the top of the Oberalp pass 60km and 1300m altitude gain later. Traffic up the pass was quite heavy, with lots of motorbikes. The top was wonderful but I was hardly alone. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different, with it being Sunday and a beautiful weather.

Down the overside,  the centre of the town Andermatt was totally dominated by Harley Davidson. I left add quickly as I could after lunch and stayed on the North-South route. The cycle route and the road for cats was shared and very busy, a legacy of the day and the weather. I made a note to myself to find a car free road for such a similar tripping the future on weekend days.

Once all the way down I followed the shore of the Vierwaldstatter
See around to Luzern where I found a place in the youth hostel. I cycled 164km.

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