Tuesday, January 21, 2014

India here we come

The goods to be shipped have gone. The visas are in our hands. The house is still in a bit of chaos but it won't take much time, time that we have, to squeeze all into a state of order. Either into one of the many suitcases, more than I've ever left a house with, that will fly with us, or go into storage downstairs. It feels strange to be doing this. It's not like a holiday where things that we want to do before we leave, like cleaning the toilet, can be left to when we come home. It's not like that, we are leaving and we are not coming back!

Tomorrow we take a KLM flight to India. Next our home, the only one that both our sons have ever known will be occupied by tenant and our new one will be amongst the millions of inhabitants of Delhi. It's all organised, driver to pick us up, a hotel for a couple of nights. A temporary apartment for a month will follow, after that the process of building a new home will follow.

I'm scared and excited. How will Oscar and Anton find India, how will I find it? Will the food be edible (by the boys, I'm sure I'll like it)? Will I miss bacon a lot? How will the people be with us? Will I be able to cope without the possibility to ride a bike? Thousands of doubts and questions come.

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