Friday, March 31, 2006

Near Talas

I had to leave Göreme sometime. The glorious days of an almost cloudless & warm sun, t-shirt & shorts weather, came to an end. Without the Sun it was quite cold. Though I had one of the few times, so it seemed, where the wind was at my back.

I headed, against my better judgement, to Kayeri, a city of 600,000. I'd figured that I'd have been able to get a higher definition map of Eastern Turkey than the one that I had. It was quite a detour & a useless one at that. Even with the help of the Tourist Information Office I couldn't find a decent bookstore. Though there were millions of cell phone shops. Disappointed I headed out of town. Though not before giving some of the Selçuk era monuments a look. There were black basalt walls around part of the city, a fortress & a mosque that was built by a people who had not yet seen the wonderful domes of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Had I been in a better mood I'd have enjoyed the city.

While in the morning there had been a few patches of Sun it really clouded over & rained a little. This was a real shame as Kayseri was at the foot of 3900m Mount Erciyes, only the lower slopes were visible. It took ages to find to a place to camp. It was high rolling country & there were few trees to hide my presence from the road.

I cycled 114km in 6 hours & 54 minutes

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